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BMW G 310 GS 8. Two, the GSX250R does not come with an anti-lock braking option. We are going to cover the key features of beginner motorcycles and take a look at some of the best motorcycles for beginners of 2020. Great as an adventure touring bike, the Kawasaki Versys-X 300 ABSis built with a displacement of 296cc and transmission of 6 speed. We also have the 1600cc V6 monsters. More with the Honda. Added to that is that the 5-speed transmission of the motorcycle fits squarely for city and highway riding. Suzuki GW250 is a Standard motorcycle with 248cc displacement and 6-speed transmission. MSRP: $5,549 USD ($6,149 CAD)Engine: Single-cylinder 373cc four-stroke engineTransmission: Six-SpeedCurb Weight: 328.5 lbs (149 kg)Fuel Capacity: 2.6 gallons (10 L)ABSInverted Forks. Not exactly a speedster, but more than fast enough for anything you will need in the city. Many Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, such as Suzuki, are known for their stylish sportbikes that are designed for urban and city-limits riding. They usually provide a multi-vehicle policy that will help you, especially in reducing how much you pay per bike. I've always been interested in Motorcycles and have always wanted to purchase one. This relatively pricey ($3,999 – $4,199, depending on trim) bike is built with a 4-speed transmission and low seat height that literally hands over the control of the bike to the rider’s whims and caprices. Dressers, also known as touring bikes, are built for long-distance travel and have a wide suspension, low frame, thick tires, and include many features normally seen in cars such as audio systems, GPS, heated seats, ABS brakes, and lots of carrying capacity. What should you look forward to seeing as features of this Yamaha SR400? This is one of the best and most powerful beginner sport motorcycle types you can find out there. That in a way put some miles on the odometer. Borrowing elements from a cruiser and chopper design, the Rebel 300 has a low seat height and ground clearance, making it a good street bike to get started on. So, I got one, put it on the public road and began to ride. If you have $7,299, you can easily make an order for this unique blended motorcycle with 80% motocross and 20% street riding. The R3 can easily reach and maintain highway speeds and give a fun riding experience that beginners and experts alike will love. Bikes for rural riding need to have good fuel efficiency to handle those long winding country roads and thicker tires for handling off the beaten path. Cruisers are motorcycles that have a lower-seat height, V-twin engine, and thick tires. Make sure you factor in running costs to this price, like gas or insurance. Priced at $8,699, the Harley-Davidson Superlow is a low-slung cruiser motorcycle that shares a complete line of accessories with the H-D model line-up. Here are some of the more popular motorcycle types out there. That ‘low seat height’ tag may not sound well to some of the larger bike enthusiasts out there. Harley Davidson is a brand that needs to introduction as far as the motorcycle market is concerned. MSRP: $6,499 USD ($7,299 CAD)Engine: Twin-cylinder 471ccTransmission: Six-SpeedCurb Weight: 417 lbs (189 kg)Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gallons (17.1 L)ABS. We are also participating in Affiliate Programs with Bluehost, ShareASale, & more. If you ask me how KTM Corner Rocket 390 Duke makes the top 20 best beginner motorcycles in 2020, I will reply to you that it is a top-quality bike all beginner riders should be eager to have in their garage. The shorter wheelbase makes steering easier and the engine itself acts as a structural element, reducing the total weight of the bike by about 30 pounds. This 400-pound motorcycle is perfect for adventuring with its low seat height, ergonomic handlebar position, and robust suspension. More News . This is not the case, especially for beginners who lack riding skillset. Priced at $5,299, the KTM Corner Rocket can also ride like a Sport motorcycle, although it is built with firm suspension. If you are a beginner and have never bought a bike before, then a good price range to shoot for is between $5,000-$10,000. As with any consumer product, the first step towards figuring out what you want is figuring out your needs. The street 500 model comes with state-of-the-art ABS and the low center of gravity gives excellent handling and dynamics. The new 2020 Ninja 400 features a redesigned frame so it is lighter, stiffer, and has better handling. Tires. Kawasaki Z125 is built with an engine that powers a lawnmower, and that guarantees you that no land speed records are too high for you to break. When you talk about versatility, multi-purpose and multi-functionality this is actually the best bike to think of. Kawasaki 300 4. Yes, I can tell that without mincing words. The least expensive beginner bike in our list is the Kawasaki Z-125 Pro, … Keeping with the car analogy, dual bikes can be considered the SUVs of the motorcycle world. Certainly, Honda would pop up before the list is exhausted. As a new rider, you will not be disappointed. With KTM styling and technology, this motorcycle is a top overall pick for a motorcycle in terms of functionality, price and ease of riding. Yamaha V Star 250 Raven 5. This site is owned and operated by Intricate Digital. Motorcycle insurance is usually more expensive than car insurance and normally costs around $500 a month. Suzuki DR-Z400SM 10. The above-average 13.4-liter gas tanks give great mileage so this one works for both urban and distance riding. With engine excellence and dedicated displacement, the 2020 MT-03 is destined to be amazing. Dual bikes are a good intro bike for beginners who want something that can work in all locales, though they tend to be tall and slightly top-heavy. A motorcycle is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. With BMW G310GS, you can be spontaneous, break the routine, and turn everyday life into an adventure. By Seth Richards. The comfort that the seat brings is located in the under 31-inches seat height which makes it suitable for most riders on a plush wide seat. Again, we see the counterbalance shaft that reduces engine vibration and helps counterbalance and torque produced from the engine.

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