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Of course, there are lots more things to add to a vegan burrito to make it even more delicious! vegan shredded cheese; How to roll a burrito. Here are some delicious ideas you must try: Brown or basmati rice; Spiced beans More vegan burrito fillings. To make a creamy sauce simply mix vinegar and mayonnaise to taste. Vegan Wrap Fillings. You’ll be most successful if you follow my same folding and freezing instructions, and keep the amount of filling to about 1/2 heaping cup total per tortilla. Okay, now you’ve got your burrito filled, let’s roll it up! You can prepare these burrito-inspired meals in just a minute or two. A burrito is easier to roll if you warm up your tortilla first. Here are a few adders to make it the ultimate vegan burrito: Pico de gallo or salsa; Corn; Chopped romaine lettuce; Pickled jalapenos; Crushed tortilla chips or tortilla strips; Chopped cilantro While I’ve kept these very no-frills to get you started, you can add whatever fillings you like to your vegan freezer burritos. https://ohmyveggies.com/34-vegetarian-vegan-burrito-recipes-for-any-meal Breakfast burritos are one of the most stellar breakfast options out there for vegans! If you want a delicious meal that takes no time to make, it’s hard to top a vegan wrap. https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/vegan-burrito-recipe And, just like sandwiches, you can make an endless variety of vegan wraps. This one combines cooked shrimp or lobster, Jack cheese, coarsely chopped cilantro, and refried beans. You can do this one by one in a dry pan or wrap them all in a tea towel and microwave them for just a few seconds. The Cabo San Lucas is a classic seafood burrito. Add your fillings… Seafood and chicken are excellent protein options for a burrito, and there are many different directions you can go. Other vegan burrito mix-ins.

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