business architect vs business analyst

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The interview was moderated by Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions and was published on ZDNet. The term Business Analyst is broad. Table 1 below compares the roles of a business leader, a business architect and an execution role (e.g. The solution architect is responsible for finding technology solutions. As adoption of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) spreads in the enterprise, one of the most notable trends in the market, other than introduction of new products and services, are changes to the organizational structure of … How much does a Business Architect make in the United States? a business analyst) for a common set of responsibilities. The Business Analyst vs. the Enterprise Architect. The name alone implies that a business analyst performs some form of business analysis, but that’s not very specific. The business analyst's key partner in IT is a solution architect. The business analyst career path is difficult to define, mainly because of the diverse skill sets that can be adapted into many sets of opportunities. The Difference Business analysis is a general term that can be applied to any analysis and development of business structures, processes and metrics. Business architecture needs to be something that business managers can view, have approved and that can afterward be shared with business analysts, project managers and enterprise architects. An example of a technology solution could be a new software application. Where the business analyst works with the project stakeholders, the solution architect works directly with the business analyst to identify and craft a solution that meets the business needs of the stakeholders as agreed upon and documented by the business analyst. Let’s also dispel some of the misconceptions: Business architecture is an ongoing program of business analysis that manages processes such as strategy development or capability management. A "SalesForce business architect" is either a product architect or a solution architect, not a business architect. Business Architecture: Business Architecture is a discipline that models business and acts as a bridge between business and technology leveraging tools such as capabilities models, value streams, information mapping, system and application mapping, and developing various views and perspectives. Continuing this theme I have recently recorded a podcast with our CEO, Hugh Evans about business architecture and business analysis and what is the future of both of these disciplines. Slide Share presentation Each business process could be said to represent a mathematical problem. A business analyst has many options based on the industry, qualifications, preferences, and acquired skill sets.

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