can you keep male and female goats together

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Even if this were the only reason it should be sufficient, but there are more! However, when they start to near sexual maturity, goat keepers must separate males and females to ensure females don’t breed too early. The last thing that you want is a doe that gives birth to a stillborn from an injury inflicted by a buck. Let’s start with reproductive anatomy. This can be a very serious situation that can end in the death of not only the baby but the doe as well. There was an error submitting your subscription. Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. We won't send you spam. It’s my opinion that your answer should always be “no,” even if the male is gelded – and here are the reasons why. My younger goat Katie, is still full of fun and mischief, and is missing her friend and playmate Jenny who passed away. In fact, if you want milk, they're going to HAVE to be together at least at some point. And in my post How to Tell if Your Goat is in Heat. Every alpaca owner will eventually be asked if male and female alpacas can be kept together. Using the presence or absence of horns on a goat is not a reliable way to determine gender. Another reason to keep bucks and does separate is to prevent inbreeding, such as a son breeding his mother or a brother breeding his sister. by Jill McElderry-Maxwell, April, 2019. This is definitely something you want to avoid. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission. I have two Miniature Nubians, a doe and an intact buck. You won't have uncontrolled breeding taking place. This site contains affiliate links. For more info on how to get the best tasting goat milk be sure to read 9 Tips for the Best Tasting Goat Milk. ... We have 1 male and female together and are hoping for the best. American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association, How Train Your Goat to Milk on a Stand the Easy Way, Alpine Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, 3 Easy Methods to Pasteurize Goat Milk at Home, How to Safely Introduce a New Goat to an Existing Herd, 18 Important Health Questions To Ask When You Buy Dairy Goats, Boer Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, A Goatherd’s Guide to Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) in Goats, Saanen Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Essential Things You Need To Know About Feeding Goats, The Life Cycle Of Goat Internal Parasites And How to Prevent Them, Pack Goats: The Benefits, Breeds, Characteristics, and Equipment, 10 Super Simple Goat Care Hacks That Can Make Your Job Easier, The Complete Guide to Choosing Dairy Goat Stock, Goat Fencing: 6 Important Tips to Consider to Build the Perfect Fence, 12 Spring Transition Tips to Keep Your Goats Happy and Healthy, Beginner’s Guide to Raising Goats for Milk Production, How to Take Care of Baby Goats – Everything You Need to Know, What to Consider When Raising Sheep and Goats Together, Cashmere Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Nubian Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care. Your email address will not be published. The buck doesn't need the quality of food that the doe needs. Most of the time a really young doe will only have one baby….one BIG baby! So this is a very good reason to separate bucks and does. It really is best to keep does and bucks separated so that you can control breeding. Leave me a comment below and share your experiences! As early as 6-8 weeks of age! Another reason that I like to keep my bucks and does separated is that it makes it easier to determine when your goats are bred. Horns vary by the breed, and some breeds or genetic lines are naturally polled, meaning they do not have horns at all. Are you wondering if they should be kept together or apart? As kids, male and female goats can spend time together without risk of them breeding. Pets can be kept together in the same living quarters. I know that sounds early, but it’s totally possible! We all know how stinky a buck can be! So I would like to get a new playmate for Katie. This can be especially dangerous for your doe if she is pregnant. Becoming pregnant again so soon would rob her body of the nutrition that she needs to recover and to support her baby. Some people do not separate their bucks and does, in many areas of the world they are all kept together as a herd. The fist reason that I separate my bucks from my does is that a buckling can breed very early. But for those of us raising domestic goats, which is best? For now, feel free to continue reading. Unsubscribe at any time. I just got a 100lb female duroc yesterday. Doelings and Bucklings. Just another good reason to separate your bucks from the does! Should bucks and does be separated is a common question that is also very important!

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