chrono cross endings

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Taking the battle to the SS Invincible, the Dragoons eventually corner Lynx, who taunts them. Ending #02: Defeat the Time … Afterwards, Solt, Peppor and Pierre are seen surmounting Fort Dragonia, the latter member of the group afflicted by stomach problems. Ending #01: Defeat the Time Devourer in the final encounter at Opassa Beach in Disc 2 using the Chrono Cross. People of the Times. Kato thought Dreamers was released in a "half-finis… Please contribute if you can get the room location modifier codes working. From: Modification. The "Real" Ending. Lynx and Kid enter Chronopolis; the former proceeds to the Frozen Flame, while Kid stays behind to deal with Harle, who is trying to stop the duo. The game then reveals that they were never heard from again. Kid must also be in good health. They confront Lynx and vow to make him pay for his crimes, but Kid drops down from the ceiling and promises that they won't have the chance. Defeat the Time Devourer while Kid is down for the count in Guldove after infiltrating Viper Manor. In Viper Manor, the kids of the orphanage stand at attenetion to General Viper, who instructs them to work hard and play hard. A complete list of all the endings along with details on how to unlock them can be found below. Defeat the Time Devourer after Serge gains the ability to cross dimensions, but before infiltrating Viper Manor. After the concert fades, Lynx is seen exiting Fort Dragonia. The True Hero is the former ending, save with Kid in good health and the Korcha marriage dialogue having taken place. Defeat the Time Devourer after Harle leaves your party. This ending can be had by playing a regular New Game and defeating the Time Devourer without using the Chrono Cross. Before attacking Fort Dragonia, this ending can be had if Nikki is in the party and Razzly was acquired as well. It simply rolls the credits after the Devourer is absorbed into a strange portal above the Darkness Beyond Time. The scene cuts to Arni, wherein an old man is consulting the Record of Fate. Defeat the Time Devourer while Terra Tower is still afloat. Similar to Chrono Trigger's, Cross's endings reflect on humorous situations or what might have happened if the game had truly ended at the point a particular ending was accessed. Chrono Cross, the sequel to the RPG favorite Chrono Trigger, begins when a young man named Serge realizes that he can travel between dimensions. After the drinks are served, two of Starky's race meet and decide that since the planet has no unique characteristics, their plan to destroy it must begin at once. They enter The Dragon's Tail bar, which is now staffed by the Devas and Luccia. This ending is available while Terra Tower is still in the sky. Many professionals in the gaming world have experienced playing this game and still hold nostalgic feelings toward it. She still changes uniforms to her orphanage outfit under certain conditions, and whether other changes can be made is under investigation. That is before you've gone through the tower all the way to the end. Defeat the Time Devourer after Serge and Lynx switch bodies for the first time in Fort Dragonia. Square's managers selected a team, appointed Hiromichi Tanaka producer, and asked Kato to direct and develop a new Chrono game in the spirit of Radical Dreamers. Defeat the Time Devourer before Serge gains the ability to cross dimensions at the beginning of the game. Square began planning Chrono Cross immediately after the release of Xenogears in 1998 (which itself was originally conceived as a sequel to the SNES game). To get this, you have to use the Chrono Cross in the final battle, after using Elements in this order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White.

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