dawn redwood bonsai dying

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Go see what they sell in your local garden centers - that's usually helpful. These trees grow in standing water so ounce it gets established you can't water it enough. Sounds like you woke it up early... best not to fertilize during dormancy as well. Or if it comes back out of it I would plant it with a flat stone under it right in the ground. "Help! Focussing on styling bonsai, showing member's trees, bonsai care and general help. We've since put it back outside as the temp has gotten above freezing. joe, northern indiana zone 5, beginner, 10 trees. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You've gotten all the right advice, but I'll just add this into the mix. I posted this last week as a comment in the weekly beginners post and it received little attention. Definitely not. The original Dawn Redwood Bonsai trees are hearty conifers that have a lacey type of needled foliage on gracefully upswept branches. Dawn Redwood is often confused with baldcypress. Put it in full shade and keep it well watered in summer. She fertilized it twice in a month with what she believes to be the proper amount but we think we may have done it at a higher frequency than we should've. Many thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! Pot culture is a different matter, and I've never kept one potted for long. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree, scientific name Metasequoia glyptostroboides, is a very cold hardy tree that can tolerate freezing temperatures down to -20F.Thought to be extinct, but re-discovered in the 1940’s. and PUT IT OUTSIDE :D. unless you've still got negative temperatures during the day it should be able to handle it. This Dawn Redwood was purchased last October with full, bright green, needles. I was fertilizing every week but missed a week and the following week was when it started looking like it was dying. You don’t need to fertilize that much. They don't like dry feet at all. I say leave it inside and pray it makes it till April. Probably a bit cold for it don't you think? 5. Dawn Redwoods are fast growing trees. EDIT: re-read your post and looked closer at the picture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, GR Michigan 6a, 30+ trees in varying stages, SF Bay Area, zone 10a, intermediate, 100ish non-seedlings, Slovakia 7a-7b, bunch of sticks in pots and garden. Is it ok for it to be outside, covered, with temps near -30... even though it's in dormancy? Also there is a spider that built a web in the branches. It seemed like it was going for insects so I figured it wasn't harmful but I'm also not sure about that. Press J to jump to the feed. Please help! When it got really cold, we covered it. My Dawn Redwood is dying! I'm in zone 5b northern Indiana and they are very hardy here they should be fine where you are as well. When repotting a Dawn Redwood and it hasn't dropped it's leaves yet, you have to cut the whole compound leaf off. In mid January, we had extreme cold (minneapolis) and my girlfriend brought it inside. it's normal for it to drop it's needles over winter. I’d suggest removing the stressed leaves/branches, keeping it in the shade, and slowly introducing the tree back to full(ish) sunlight once growth resumes. So you think it can be salvaged without doing anything drastic? We kept it outside as it got colder. This Dawn Redwood was purchased last October with full, bright green, needles. As a landscape tree, they tolerate wet situations and can survive long periods of time in standing water. My Bonsai tree is dying!" My gut says that one week of missed fertilizing can't be responsible for this but maybe it is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Jerry in Amsterdam, Zn.8b, 40yrs exp., 300+ trees, Southern Sweden, no bonsai trees, Arborist, .

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