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There is a huge market for discus in Asia and many countries have their own breeding farms from where they are exported across the world. Many people often argue that a meat-only diet will help the discus grow bigger. Therefore, you should change the water 25% each week. Don’t think that it will make you harder and more complicated in cleaning the tank. On the other hand, there are fish that are peaceful tank mates for discus and can even survive the warm water, but they are messy and can easily disturb the water conditions of your aquarium. Do discus fish breed easily? Before you go further about the tank setup, the very basic thing you have to care about is the ideal tank size for your Discus fish. Replaceable Fish Tank System. A de-wormer is usually sufficient for the treatment. In fact, if you have any juveniles in the tank, it is likely to get much dirtier as the young ones eat and excrete more often. The water is usually muddy and discus fish prefer areas with floodwater because it is even darker. To get a good aquarium, discus fish lovers should pay attention to some basic things below. If not treated on time, even minor infections can lead to bigger problems such as rotting fins and discus plague. My best advice is to not skip on plants and decorations even if they take frequent maintenance. Fluorescent lights above the tank will do the job, but can just as easily overdo it. Therefore, you can apply the regular tank setup with filters, artificial substrate and lights. To get a good aquarium, discus fish lovers should pay attention to some basic things below. So, set the temperature somewhere between 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to any other types of fish, maintaining Discus fish is actually not that complicated. If anything, they will actually support your maintenance endeavors. We are talking about Amazon natives here! Even a 29-gallon tank would be too small for free fish movement. Any fish would appreciate variety. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. New Discus Tank Set-up. Too much light is never a good idea for them. My adult cat kneads and sucks on my blanket like a kitten. That is why you should steer clear of overpowered filters. The good news is that they are easily preventable with a little prudence. Discus are susceptible to numerous diseases, most of which are related to poor water quality. Decide on the tank size accordingly. There are places where tap water is soft enough but many pros recommend mixing tap water with water from a Reverse Osmosis filter, just to be safe. You can treat it by adding an antibacterial agent after cleaning the tank. You will do more effort for virtually nothing. This will cause irritation, red skin, and breathing problems in your fish. Speaking of tank placement, it is never a good idea to place it at a spot where there is a lot of movement or in a high traffic area such as corridors. By that calculation, most hobbyists and experts agree that you need an aquarium with a capacity of at least 50 gallons, and ideally one with 120 gallons. It means they will have to adapt in the new environment with the very different surroundings. Why. Keep an eye on such unusual symptoms. I usually recommend a combination of a canister filter along with a sponge filter. That is partially true. This tank set up is best suited for both beginners and other aquarium keepers. Step 7 - Discus Tank Mates. The bare bottom tank allows you to spot food waste, fish feces, and other waste materials. Discus fish is one of them as it wasn’t found anywhere else in the world before fish farms were created. They do not survive well in the presence of any aggressive or predatory breed of fish. In order to keep nitrates and ammonia levels under control, you need to change discus fish’s aquarium water more frequently than other fish. Some fish are also likely to introduce parasites to your discus, so you need to be very careful. Discus jumping out of the tank: What to do? Besides, an empty tank doesn’t really look good. I know that sounds like a lot of prep but a healthy and happy school of discus is truly worth all the efforts. Keep your discus fish away from any predatory fish for that matter, as the former don’t fight back and you are likely to see a lot of nipping. Basically, Discus fish will prefer moderate lighting compared to any other types. Later on, aquarium exporters introduced the fish not just in other parts of the Amazon, but also in other parts of the world. How long does a discus fish live? Discus fish is extremely popular across the world and many people have managed to accustom them to different conditions. How to Make Discus Grow Fastest and Biggest, The Ultimate Discus Fish Guide – Types, Tank Mates, Food, Breeding, 15 Awesome Tank Mates for Your Discus Fish. More importantly, plants are also part of the natural habit where your Discus come from. Since discus are schooling fish, they tend to stay in a group of four to six. You can even get an aquarium with tinted glass that doesn’t allow too much light from the sides. Therefore, if you only have little or no experience with keeping a planted aquarium, it is preferred you go for a bare-bottom tank setup while you become more acquainted with discus. Take your time and ask your vendor all the questions related to the conditions, diet, filters, size of the tank, and even tank mates. Native to the Amazon River, the discus prefers warm water with temperatures between 82 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. The fish will stop eating food and will seem lazier than usual. Like it or not, discus fish would appreciate good places to hide, especially if there are other tank mates present. Never add any Non-Quarantined fishes from any source into a successful Discus tank setup. Lights can really bring out the beauty of discus fish’s bright colored patterns. Be careful in choosing the color since it can reduce the beauty of your Discus fish. However, they are sensitive fish and require adequate water conditions and proper nutrition. How to Choose a British Shorthair Kitten? Step 7 - Discus Tank Mates. Many fish keepers fear that plants and substrate will mess with those conditions and it will be difficult to maintain the aquarium. You will also need to change the water and clean the sides of the aquarium. Some types of fish, including Discus fish are not used to adapt with sudden change of water condition. Discus Fish Tank Setup When it comes to discus fish keeping, there seems to be a negative stigma regarding the difficulty and hassle of ensuring these fish remain healthy. They need perfect water conditions and minor neglect can make them sick. Sand is also a good option because discus fish like to play with it sometimes. In fact, the plants will help to nitrate level. Most fish owners change all the water at once. Discus Aquarium SetupWithin this posting we clarify Discus aquarium setup in the home in order to have got the most wonderful in appearance fish tank and will also be the envy of most of your pals. This will keep your discus fish as happy as they are in their natural habitat. People usually call me by the nickname “Joy” because they think that I am …keep reading, Fluffyplanet.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com We do not provide veterinary suggestions. Having right Discus tank mates is a major part for successful Discus Keeping. Normally, 55 gallons-sized tanks require for about 4-5 watts, but it can also depend on the plants you have placed in the tank. Everyone will love the sight of a displayed discus planted tank, especially if you have kept a tropical fish in a planted aquarium environment. Male discus has a pointed dorsal fin while a female has a rounded one, but this difference isn’t always too clear. Red skin, swollen bellies, and protruding eyes are also common symptoms of bacterial infections. Since this is a constant circulating system what we did to make it simple if one of the tanks cracks, we have installed a union that is easy to remove. Now you have a Discus aquarium setup and some beautiful Discus acclimated in the aquarium. You need to ensure that the Discus tank mates are not creating any issues for Discus. You need to ensure that the Discus tank mates are not creating any issues for Discus. However, keep in mind that Discus is a type of fish that cannot live alone; they like to live in pairs or groups, as well with the other tank mates types.

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