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Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. They are a touch quiet, for sure, but have a big following of people who want a quieter practice instrument, or one for recording. Can't seem to find it for sale on the UK Amazon site though..also having problems finding it on the US site. From the photos it looks to have more frets & they look slightly wider than my kala & baton rouge sopranos. Still, at this price, I felt I'd almost be mad not to!One observation from the video: the Enya has to my ears, an unexpectedly-pleasing tone - surprisingly rich for an effectively-synthetic soprano at this price point, yet with a nice jangle/brightness. If the price heads back up though, and prices start looking the same, would you go ohana with a professional set up, or one of these off the internet? You'd need to ask Martin what the rest of it is as they've used it for 20 years described as HPL, Hi there...just watched your youtube review, so am very interested in buying an Enya-X1 at the introductory price. If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. And that’s no accident! I always enjoy your reviews. Same scale length. Are the frets normal soprano size? Thanks! After using it for several weeks I have finally found a fitting purpose for it: It will make a wonderful wall clock when I add the mechanism. Tension is much improved. In the market for something to replace my dolphin in a soprano size for playing around the house. Aside from the Google ads, I don't get paid to write this blog and for reasons of impartiality a not sponsored by brands or stores. Hello Barry! No harm done but it revealed a strangely eccentric arrangement in which the neck fixing fails to sit within the large round recess apparently provided for it - odd on an otherwise nicely made instrument. with this attractively circular ukulele from Enya musical instruments - the EUR-X1. Still like it though! I was tempted to buy the Eddy Finn Moon competitive model, but I didn't like the less wide nut width. : Well, I am very impressed. It must be my speakers, but the round one sounds louder for strumming, not for picking. Are people not seeing the links because of ad blockers - had a complaint today that I wasn't being clear.. I did switch out the B & E strings that seemed to be nylon for Worth clear strings, and they are much better. Sounds nice, looks cute, loud enough. It therefore requires to be bonded to a substrate otherwise it would be too flimsy and brittle to make a ukulele out of. Ed - not a huge amout to say - put Martin strings on it. Be quickz. Excellent review...I would get one today if the $28 ones were still available. Tone is the same, sadly, so is the volume. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Enya Tenor Ukulele 26 Inch KOA HPL and Richlite with Beginner Ukulele Kit Includes Online Lessons, Case, Strap, Strings, Capo, Sand Shaker, Picks, Polish Cloth (EUT-X1) at Amazon.com. I didn't find the strings that bad - I've played worse, but I swapped them for a set of Aquila Supers which I had lying around, and it sounds very nice. Thanks Baz! The Enya EUP-X1 (pineapple shaped) turns out to be a lot quieter than the Ohana CK35 which, in turn, is nothing like as loud as either my Timms or my very old Aria laminate soprano. There are links to both in the written review? Moderately fiddly, but very secure, Well, I bought one of these.Really nice to play.I like the strings too and I have Martin strings on most of my other ukes !It is quiet, so what ! Am living in Cork, Ireland. Push strings through - fish out of sound hole - tie knot - string up. Just the packaging and all the accessories make me want one. Currently one on Amazon for £20!!! I purchased this ‘because’ it was £20. I haven't put it down since it arrived. It does seem to be a great deal at the current price. Yes, it is a bit quiet but it's perfectly good for playing at home, and I've got other ukes to play at uke club or gigs. I was aware of your admonition about being very quiet, but considering the other positive comments you made about it, I went ahead and purchased one on Amazon. One of the best uke impulse purchases I've made. Wow. The EUS-X1 I got earlier this month didn't mention Aquila. I won't be needing it anymore :-). This is an amazing bargain. It will be good addition to collection and ideal for leaving in car boot for travel. JUST A NOTE Barry... you mention low volume and "possibly" due to bridge being placed low down to bottom of uke. They're about the same price point and I know you like them both. Does this have the standard 1 3/8" nut width? I've paid considerably more for a gig-bag on its own which isn't any better than this one. What substrate has this laminate been bonded to? It holds tune, yes a little quiet but actually really nice sound (and good intonation). overall? It's a no-brainer as they say. The day after I ordered mine the price leapt to £22 and the day after that they were "currently unavailable" I'm not surprised. First up though - HPL. I think it is probably as loud as my Ohana CK35 and I am happy enough (for now) with the strings it came with, although I do usually end up putting Worth BMs on everything. I wouldn't have bought one of these at £48 which is what they cost last year, but £20? If it wasn't obvious, Enya are a Chinese brand which is where these are made. Ukulele Reviews; Enya EUR-X1 Soprano - REVIEW; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Within five minutes of watching the YouTube review I ordered one from Amazon. I watched this review last night after one or two beers. I personally don't but only as I find it quicker to just tie big knots! This time I look at their new (ish) updated EUC-X1M Concert Ukulele. will be taking it on holiday next week... why not? Patreon pledges, large or small, all help keep this site going!! The quiet doesn't bug me since I mostly get to practice when the kids go to sleep; might even be a benefit. I imagine that a pineapple-shaped uke might also be slightly louder than the waisted guitar-shaped equivalent with its bites out the vibrating top, although I'd be interested in your comments on this theory. US, I believe, which included their standard bag of goodies and a nicely padded gig bag). Just purchase one from Amazon for under £30.Best boxing for delivery - with the case and extras brilliant price.Quality of finish and setup straight out of the box exceptional.At the price I don't mind if the grandkids get hold of it and play tennis with it.Of course it does not compare with some of my more expensive ukes, but it will get well used. I REALLY liked the EUR model, as it was extremely well made and had a quite wonderful neck. Enya are a … I'm on the verge of giving in to temptation to get an Enya EUP-X1 HPL pineapple soprano, which Amazon UK are currently selling; I love the idea of the removable neck, allowing it to fit easily into airline cabin baggage. Thanks for in depth review on the Enya anyway, I'm looking forward to it arriving. Great review and managed to find still available so ordered via Amazon (UK). Seems to be a hard standard with chinese manufacture. It’s a wonderfully innovative line of ukuleles made from a very special material. Following on from my previous comment: I now have an EUP-X1 and am very impressed with it. Thread Tools. If you can't find the links in the review, do Baz a favor and whitelist him on your ad blocker :). Show Printable Version; Width of sopranos vary widely - but that doesn’t stop it being a soprano. Hi Barry. My new in the car, knockabout uke. Nevertheless, it still feels and sounds great - preferable to the all-solid mahogany Ohana, in my opinion. They’re available in the four main sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone), plus fun pineapple and round shapes. Don't think that's actually correct / you are referring to the outer image only. the edges of the body are sharp but ill deal with that!I plan to change the strings to get better tension. In the confines of my music room the volume is perfect and I even like the strings it came with. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. Comes with a neat little tuner, spare strings, a capo (which I've never owned before), picks (which I don't use) a weird little "finger rattle" (now that's quiet), a very nice strap and a really good quality padded gig-bag. Cheers! I spent more on my Chinese takeaway on the same night!

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