how to make salan masala

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Chicken salan is just so pure and warming, a simple and satisfying hug in a bowl. a popular chilli and peanut based curry recipe which is typically served as a side dish to hyderabadi biryani recipe. basically salan recipe is a delicacy to hyderabad, andhra pradesh and it is mainly prepared from peanut, coconut, sesame seeds and tamarind juice. Aloo Salan is the most popular North Indian recipe which is loved by children and adults, alike. Here I, am sharing with you my step by step recipe of gosht ka salan which is very easy to make and tastes delicious. mirchi ka salan recipe | how to make hyderabadi mirchi ka salan recipe with detailed photo and video recipe. There are numerous ways to make mutton ka salan, every household have their own recipe of mutton salan. The secret of this delicious and lip-smacking gravy recipe is the aromatic mixture of flavourful spices. You can also check the video recipe here – gosht ka salan | mutton salan | mutton masala in pressure cooker While it requires a few additional whole spices to elevate the curry, they are completely optional – though highly recommended! It’s pretty straightforward to make with a few basic ingredients we all probably have on hand if we cook Desi food on the regular. This main dish recipe is easy-to-make and can be prepared using simple ingredients like potatoes, mutton, onions and curd.

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