mother paying child support to father

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If the father or mother of your child is not paying child support or owes back pay, you need to take immediate action. Many people that are paying child support are looking for ways out of it, the reasons vary but typically it is selfishness that makes them want this. This means that unless paternity is established, the child’s biological father has zero rights and responsibilities toward his child. Texas takes child support seriously, but the system is backlogged and busy. No, they cannot. In the eyes of the law, a child who is born out of wedlock does NOT have a legal father. The father may contact the local office of child support enforcement to arrange a payment plan if he falls behind on child support payments. Paying child support is often hotly contested during divorce proceedings and one question that our clients sometimes ask is if the mother ever has to pay. As someone who has been paying child support for almost 21 years now (only 5 more years to go), 3 kids with 2 different mothers, I still feel that Fathers don’t HAVE to pay child support, in fact, neither parent HAS to pay child support. What Child Support Responsibilities Can Someone Have for a Non-Biological Child? The mother of a child does not have the right to prevent a father from visiting or communicating with his child based on whether he has made his child support payments. Your first step is to contact a child support attorney. So can a father look to gain custody simply to avoid child support? However, they can apply for custody if they believe that the other parent is.. When there are legal disputes over child custody and/or divorce, courts will often award child support payments. What if the mother willingly gives up her custodial rights to her child so that the father can raise him, should she be absolved from paying child support as well? In 2011, America’s custodial fathers were owed a total of $1.7 billion and custodial mothers were owed $12.1 billion (keep in mind, moms who are owed child support … In fact, the father could even be held responsible if the mother lied and said she was using birth control or promised to have an abortion. A father is required to pay child support whether or not he wanted the child or knew that the woman might become pregnant. The non-custodial parent will generally be ordered to make payments to the custodial parent in order to help with expenses related to raising their child. The answer, of course, is yes. The sooner, the better, so the payments don’t get backed up even further. But what if the child’s mother and father were never married? There are a number of factors that go into determining which parent pays child support that we will discuss here. Child custody and child support laws vary by state.

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