muscovite mica color

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In this formula potassium is sometimes replaced by other ions with a single positive charge such as sodium, rubidium, or cesium. There are several muscovite mica varieties including lepidolite and fuchsite.. This mica crystal is also a strong heart chakra stone. Muscovite is clear, silvery, or coppery silver in color (depending on the thickness of the sample and presence of impurities) whereas fresh biotite is black. Muscovite is the pure potassium mica.. Muscovite is colorless, and it has no impurities replacing elements in its crystal structure. When muscovite occurs with natural green color due to chromium impurities replacing aluminum in the mica crystal structure is known as fuchsite mica. Muscovite is a potassium-rich mica with the following generalized composition… KAl 2 (AlSi 3 O 10)(OH) 2. Although all colors of this stone will resonate with the heart chakra, both the deep pink colored Muscovite stone and the green stone have the strongest metaphysical properties within the heart chakra. The mica minerals have one perfect cleavage that allows them to be broken into very thin sheets. Muscovite gets its name from Muscovy state in Russia, where the mineral was used a glass substitute in the 14th century. Also called muscovite mica, this mica is an excellent electrical insulator that resists temperatures up to 930° F. It's often used to insulate circuit breakers and heating elements. Meets UL 94V0 for flame retardance.. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. The name Muscovite comes from the English words Muscovy glass, which is the name of a type of glass used in Russia that is made with Muscovite Mica. This is very distinctive. Interesting Facts. Muscovite Chemical Composition.

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