quarter sawn white oak vs white oak

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Quarter sawn is a more time-consuming and waste producing - and therefore costly - process of cutting the lumber. To accomplish this, the log is sawn into four quarters, (hence the name quarter sawn), and each quarter of the log is sawn perpendicular to the growth rings. It also receives finishes and stains particularly well as compared to plain sawn oak. Readily available but not as available as red oak. Contact 5th Wall Design. Contact 5th Wall Design today to learn more or to how we can help with your next custom wall or ceiling project. Quarter sawn oak, on the other hand, is much more structurally sound and resists cupping, twisting, warping, moisture penetration, and raised grain. Overall quartersawn boards are less likely to warp, and there's less chance of shrinkage in white oak hardwood. This causes lumber to expand and contract. I also don't think oak … Nov 11, 2020, What Makes a Tudor Revival? The coloring in white oak is varied. PRICE! White oak therefore has more figure. The grain in quarter sawn white oak has a striking ray flake pattern. When lumber is rift and quartered and sawn perpendicular to its growth rings, any shrinkage or expansion of the lumber is greatest in thickness, is less in width, and is less prone to cupping or splitting making it very desirable for manufacturing furniture, windows, instruments, and flooring. One of the most sought after features of quarter sawn wood, particularly in white and red oak, is the flecks and the rays that appear on the face of the boards as a result of cutting along the growth rings. The rift and quartered sawing technique requires a unique sawing pattern that is not the most efficient for cutting a log. Modern Bungalow is proud of our artisans and thrilled to share the tradition of craftsmanship and quality with the world. White oak is fairly straight-grained and is a favorite material that is usually available quarter sawn. Rift and quartered lumber, although sawn slightly differently, are usually manufactured together as complements of one another. It can be found in cabinets, flooring, furniture, doors, barrels, millwork, moldings, etc. They create a visual ribbon-like effect on the lumber when sawn. Common Uses: Furniture; Flooring History, Color and Furniture Choices, What Makes a Craftsman Bungalow? There is widespread confusion between the terms rift sawn and quarter sawn with the terms defined both with opposite meanings and as synonyms. Someone recently posted an oak kitchen in an older home - it's beautiful. They create a visual ribbon-like effect on the lumber when sawn. It is also one of the more commonly requested species to be sawn as rift and quartered.   |, Quarter Sawn vs Flat Sawn Oak: The Ultimate Guide, Modern Bungalow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Friends and Family this Holiday Season, What Makes a Tudor Revival? The difference between quarter sawn oak wood and flat sawn - also known as plain sawn - oak wood is as simple as how the lumber is cut. … Cutting a piece of flat sawn oak will yield a plank that not only shows a significant flame - or cathedral - grain pattern on its face but also one more prone to cupping. A variety of sizes are available and are highly popular among woodworkers. Due to the higher amount of waste, quarter sawn lumber tends to be more expensive than plain sawn. ← Older Post White oak has a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than red oak. I think the oak will be a good match for your home. In general, there are three ways sawmills usually cut white oak. With the current popularity of White Oak, a common question we get is regarding the difference between plain sliced and quarter sawn white oak. Oct 09, 2020, Room Idea - Cozy Bold Living Room These consist of small capillaries inside the wood that run from the center of the tree to the outer growth ring. In Quartersawn White and Red Oak, a visual distinction is made between "quartered" and "rift". The first one is flat sawn or plain sawn which is the most common cutting technique. Sep 11, 2020. The piece of lumber is rotated after each cut to ensure that the growth rings intersect the face of the board at or near a 90 degree angle. Rift sawing Each board is cut along a radius of the original log, so that the saw cuts at right angles to the tree's growth ring. How the lumber is cut, however, has a great deal to do with the look, feel, and durability of the resulting plank. Flat sawn oak results from cutting the lumber in such a way that the growth rings of the tree intersect the face of the board at no more than a 30 degree angle, also known as tangential grain. Clear RQ White Oak compared to a S&B Red Oak Rift & Quarter Sawn is significant! Rift sawn lumber, also known as straight grain, is cut at the sawmill with the grains intersecting the face of the board at an angle between 30 and 60 degrees and quarter sawn lumber is cut with the grains intersecting the face board the board at an angle between 60 and 90 degrees. My vote - quarter sawn oak. However, it is usually only found on a regular basis in White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Ash, and some of the imported tropical species like African Mahogany and Sapele. Flat, or plain, sawn oak is the most common, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to cut a piece of lumber. Relative Abundance and Availability of Quarter & Rift Sawn White Oak 15.1 percent of total U.S. hardwoods commercially available. I think it has to do with both the staining properties and the wood figure on quarter sawn oak. 763-780-4935. I do believe that white oak was more commonly used in the Arts &crafts houses and furniture. There are also fewer mills that produce quarter sawn lumber, which also contributes to a higher price. FIFTH WALL DESIGNS © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, White Oak – Plain Sliced vs Quarter Sawn vs Rift Cut, 5th Wall Designs Panels Featured on Diy’s $weat Equity. It requires the sawyer to spend more time handling each log and typically creates 50% more waste compared to a flat sewing pattern. Newer Post →, Modern Bungalow’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas to Celebrate Friends and Family this Holiday Season But why? Quarter sawn is a more time-consuming and waste producing - and therefore costly - process of cutting the lumber. Everything you need to know about the difference between quarter sawn and flat sawn oak wood. Flatsawn manufacturing allows the sawmill to maximize yield and create lumber more efficiently. History, Color and Furniture Choices, More stable and structurally sound than flat sawn oak. The grain of quarter sawn white oak includes decorative effects such as ray flecks, interlocking, and wavy “ribbon” patterns, which are often featured in fine furniture and cabinetry. Quarter sawn white oak is hard and heavy. In respect to our white oak specifically, a custom leg in quarter sawn white oak can be double the price of plain sawn white oak. When used in cabinets or in flooring this presents a grain pattern that is peaked or what is sometimes referred to as a cathedral pattern. Today, with the wide use of plain sawn wood, quarter sawn oak can be used as an indicator for original or properly reproduced mission style furniture. In oak wood especially, these flecks and rays can be quite dramatic and add a unique, striking quality to the wood. History, Color and Furniture Choices

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