racing simulator setup ps4

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By Mack Hogan. PlayStation Australia works in partnership together with Hyperdrive, South Australian simulator Company. We manufacture our own steering wheels and sizes to suit domestic steering wheels brands, like Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec racing wheels/pedals. Australia made realistic driving simulator cockpits, driving simulators and training simulators. Copyright 1998-2018 - All rights reserved by Hyperdrive Australia Pty. The ultimate level in simulation made in Australia. Many of our customers use this simulator with triple screen for their racing game set up for Iracing simulator software. PlayStation Ps4 are registered trademarks of Sony PlayStation, , Xbox One is registered trademarks of Microsoft. Hyperdrive simulator rigs/racing driving simulators have partnered with PlayStation over the years to release the latest realistic racing simulator games for PlayStation 4, PS4, PlayStation 3. The F-GT Lite is a portable full racing cockpit with a cutting-edge patent pending design that lets users switch from Formula to GT positions quickly and easily. 2. This allows you to play your favorite PS4 racing game and then switch to Xbox One as well without spending any more money. While a high-end gaming PC will cost much more than a PS4 or XBOX One, the graphical grunt available can provide a truly stunning visual experience, especially in 4K. We understand that most organizations work to budgets, that is why we offer so many design solutions. As a company, Next Level Racing® […], Another great review from the team at TechAU for the new Next Level Racing® F-GT Lite! Always be the first to know about new products, updates and company news. The best racing simulators setups support PC, computers, and gaming consoles are hidden from view in our realistic driving & race simulators - simulator support most sim racing hardware (This design suits driving with the screen on the simulator for full motion simulation ). A PC also allows you to use a triple screen setup for sim racing. Saitek, Logitech are registered trademarks of Logitech. Hyperdrive years of expertise in simulation and know how to work with organizations to develop simulators that are suited to specific requirements, call us to discuss how we can help with your project. Racing seats simulate the feel of actually hitting the road in console and PC racing titles perfectly. 2021 Nissan Rogue 101 … The best racing simulator and driving simulator cockpit that suits all racing driving games for like Formula One, F1, simulation, Nasar simulation, and v8 gaming simulation. Brands  and logos,  Thrustnaster, is a registered trade mark of Thrustmaster. The best racing/driving simulators for Xbox, PS4, and PC racing game. (Above) car simulator with domestic Fanatec brand racing wheel operating premium foot pedals. Home of racing simulator cockpits, gaming seats, sim racing hardware frame rigs and simulation race seats for PlayStation PS4, Computer, PC & Xbox One for racing game simulation using TV display or VR Virtual reality sim racing setups. Pro racing simulator for home racing simulator for computer PC Gaming and PlayStation Ps4, using Thrustmaster racing steering wheel and pedals for the best home simulator anyone would want! All our driving , racing cockpit simulators, suits all car driving racing games for computer PC, Xbox One, Playstation Ps4 & Ps3. If you're missing the open road, now's a good time to build out a sim setup. With the growth of sim racing in recent years, the critical role in every aspect of professional racing training, racing sports teams, esports teams, there is […], Gold Coast, Australia- Next Level Racing® a world leading simulation brand revolutionising simulation with its industry-leading product range today announced their hybrid flight and racing simulation cockpit — developed for pilots, flight sim lovers, gamers and anyone who relies on a dedicated cockpit to create the best simulation experience.

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