radiant historia characters

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". 3DS. Characters of Radiant Historia. Radiant Historia announcement trailer + details! An RPG co-developed by Atlus and Headlock, some other staff include artist Hiroshi Konishi who worked on Radiata Stories and Yoko Shimomura on the music. Radiant Historia DS . An enhanced port with a new, third storyline was released on Nintendo 3DS in June 2017. For Radiant Historia on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How many playable characters? Of the 105018 characters on Anime Characters Database, 24 are from the video game Radiant Historia. 1 Playable Characters 1.1 Stocke 1.2 Raynie 1.3 Marco 1.4 Rosch 1.5 Aht 1.6 Eruca 1.7 Gafka 2 Antagonists 2.1 Heiss 2.2 Queen Protea 2.3 Selvan 2.4 Dias 2.5 Hugo 2.6 Fennel 3 Supporting Cast 3.1 Vanoss 3.2 Teo and Lippti 3.3 Sonja 3.4 Kiel 3.5 Raul 3.6 Liese 3.7 Viola 3.8 Galva 3.9 Garland 3.10 Bergas The main character of Radiant Historia. Reviews. Cheats. Norse: It's a Kind of Magic. This Wiki aims to archive RADIANT and all the related material. A Wiki dedicated to everything about the RADIANT series created by Tony Valente. Nearly killed, he instead ends up in Historia, where Teo and Lippti tell him that his destiny is not to win the war for Alistel, but to save all inhabitants of the continent from the ongoing desertification. 0; Atlus to bring Radiant Historia for 3DS to the west next year! Of the 105298 characters on Anime Characters Database, 24 are from the video game Radiant Historia. Notify me about new: Guides. Characters of RADIANT. The Ace member of Specint, Alistel's intelligence department, goes on one mission that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. 0; Introduce Yourselves! Stocke must travel through time and revisit key events in order to save his homeland of Alistel from invasion and, ultimately, total desertification. Questions. Magic of RADIANT. Read more > Fantasia & Spells. Add this game ... you act as if it's a bad thing romance plots involving the main character in jRPGs are pretty much always ****ing awful blights of storytelling. The main character of Radiant Historia. Read more > Getting started • Help pages • FANDOM University.

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