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This course will provide learners with the ideas to help run workshops, meetings and training programmes to maximise engagement. Training and workshops at the University are run by a variety of departments and divisions. URISA invests considerable resources in the development, production and improvement of URISA Certified Workshops. : Advanced Methods and Techniques for the Experienced Trainer. Price per person £175 plus VAT. Therefore all training dates shown on our Training pages from 1.11.2020 until end of July 2021 will still take place but they will take place remotely via Zoom*. This is a course for users who have attended the LSS Intermediate and ideally have some experience in using LSS. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive special offers and tutorials. Disability Sports Training Guide is available for only £25.00 plus £2.50 postage Order a copy now For more information on any DSC training courses please contact us on 020 7021 0973 or NCT Courses and Covid-19. We run a number of different training courses and workshops for different groups of people. The Adaptive Mindset profiles are designed to help your staff develop a more resilient Mindset, by increasing their own self-awareness and developing strategies to cope with stress and change. With hands-on exercises throughout the day. Session 3 – Adding heighted features into a DTM, adding surfaces; using the CAD-Pro commands; creating a mixed woodland from multiple observations. That works out at £110 per person for a group of 5, compared with the normal cost of £140 per person (£700 plus VAT). Session 3 – Adding and inserting features, CAD-Pro part 1, amending, moving, removing observations and Undo commands, adding surfaces. By having a private workshop it also allows us to: Run the training at your site if that is more convenient for you. The course includes the importing of Point Cloud Data formats (from terrestrial scanners or UAVs); navigating, splitting the 3D Vision screen; the Searchphere and filter box tools; the slice and section modes and covers the digitising of features into an LSS DTM or Elevation Survey with some new LSS v10 Feature command options. Training & Testing Services Open Courses. This course is based on the LSS ELITE and is aimed at LSS users who have attended the LSS Visualisation course. The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL): offering a range of courses, support and services, for Oxford's unique learning … You need to be registered and logged in before you can book on to a course. Session 2 – Creating a new survey and converting gridded XYZ data; viewing the survey model in virtual reality and settings; integrating digital photography. A workshop for Trimble Access users, TPS and GPS. Delegates do not need knowledge of LSS, but should be familiar with Microsoft Windows applications. Most of our workshops such as this one are 1 day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation. Open and public workshops are offered at our training venues in North Yorkshire and South London. This workshop is based on trainees bringing their own laptop and survey equipment and includes installs, configuring the logger, a practical survey exercise and processing the survey in LSS. Home > Training > Baby Friendly Initiative Courses > Workshop for trainers This interactive one-day workshop supports participants to bring new concepts into their in-house training. If you have already booked a place for the Face to Face (F2F) Training, please rest assured the dates will remain the … We tend to work with a maximum of 12 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer, although this is flexible depending on the workshop. Something like 98% of our 50,000 daily thoughts are the same each day and we are on autopilot almost 50% of the time. Session 2 – Tidying the survey; removing and amending features; sorting Overlays; CAD-Pro part 3; designing arcs and circles. We work with organisations to help them to both recognise and retain their key staff. As a UK Distributor of TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE Products, we provide a range of training programmes and tools to develop the Emotional Intelligence of organisations and the people who work there. Session 1 – Navigating in LSS 3D Vision and the layout and tool commands; importing point cloud data in e57 format. This course based on LSS VISTA and is aimed at LSS users who have attended the LSS Introduction course. Client to provide relevant data (and explanations) with which trainees are familiar one week before the course. Training courses offered include VTCT NVQ Level 2 and L3 Beauty Therapy and L4 laser IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation. This instructor-led, live workshop (online or onsite) is aimed at people who wish to apply mindfulness to achieve intense personal and professional development and improvement. Stay up to date on employment topics, share best practice and network with others. Session 3 – Adjusting digitised and adding new observations with LSS CAD-Pro; using the slice and section commands. The course covers: configuring LSS for survey instrument data-loggers; downloading; processing and quality checking survey data for topographical and elevation surveys; survey reporting and editing, traverse adjustment; CAD-Pro for adding extra observations; and transforming a (local grid) survey to a different (OSNG) grid coordinate system. Advanced Clinical Skills Workshop. Format: Full-Day Training Course, Multi-Day Training Course Our advanced train-the-trainer workshop is best suited for participants who have a solid understanding of adult learning concepts, program structure, training delivery methods, activity design, classroom management, and evaluation. Session 3 – Designing simple slopes up / down; isopachyte analysis; designing pre and post-restoration contours; adjusting for required volume. Janette has worked within the Hair & Beauty Industry for over 35 years and is a fully qualified tutor in all aspects of Beauty, Holistic Therapies and Hairdressing. Through evolution we have developed cognitive biases or short cuts, to conserve our energy and these cognitive biases impact the way we think and behave without us realising it. Workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks. Uncomfortable as it may be for many, a face-to-face meeting often provides the best opportunity to sort out … Course Duration. Skills providers who are Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contract holders or Welsh government contract holders. Session 1 – Reviewing the LSS legend for heighted features; adding textures to features and setting widths; the background image in 3D View. Client to provide a written summary of aims / subjects to be covered and a brief synopsis of each trainee. The course begins with basic terrain modelling concepts and covers the practical use of the software including: controlling the display; navigating; querying a survey; configuring the survey legend features; editing the survey; annotating; exporting to AutoCAD DXF; updating the prototype survey feature legend. Session 2 – Merging design models into surrounding terrain, designing a longitudinal gradient and access ramp using LSS templates. Please see individual course content against each course. This is a course for users who have attended the LSS Introduction Course. The course includes: The Decider Skills online training portal (for two months) The Decider Skills Manual; The Decider Skills online resources; Multiple choice assessment; Course completion certificate after successful completion (CPD 14 hours) 6 weeks of email consultation following course … This course is based on any level of LSS (LSS Solo, LSS Vista or LSS Elite). This course is based on the LSS VISTA (or ELITE) with Point Cloud Licence and is aimed at new users of LSS 3D Vision. This course is based on LSS VISTA and is targeted at Engineering Surveyors who have attended the LSS Intermediate Course and have some experience in using LSS. This is an engaging and practical 3 day workshop that will look at the entire training cycle and best practice in training design, including accelerated learning, . Fortunately it is one of the key skills that can be improved most quickly and dramatically. Whether your team has recently come together, or has been together for some time and needs reviving to gain competitive advantage, our facilitated training and team activities will provide you with the opportunity to examine, create, and apply hands-on skills required to synergise individual and group strengths to handling team activities and align team goals.

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