relationship between managerial economics and accounting

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Managers use managerial accounting to determine what level of output is appropriate for their departments. Managerial eco­nomics integrates concepts and methods from these disciplines and brings them to bear on managerial problems. Transactions could be sales, purchases, borrowing, lending, wages, interest paid or received etc. Managerial economics has a close linkage with other disciplines and fields of study. Relationships to Economics: There are two important linkages between economics and finance. of Trade, Economics and Finance, Vol. 1, June, 2010 2010-023X Information Technology roles in Accounting Tasks – A Multiple-case Study Maria do Céu Gaspar Alves accounting, the relationship between IT and accounting has been studied relatively little” (Granlund, 2007:3). Accounting is also known as the language of business. 1, No. Accounting vs. Economics: An Overview . Accounting is the discipline that keeps a record of all business transactions of an organisation. Accounting is realted to various disciplines 1.Economics- economics is use for making rational dicisions . it is study of how scarce resources are allocated to satisfy unlimited wants of human being. Financial management has a close relationship to Economics on the one hand and accounting on the other. What is the relationship between managerial economics and finance? The subject has gained by the interaction with Economics, Mathematics and Statistics and has drawn upon Management theory and Accounting concepts. Managerial economics uses statistical and mathematical modeling to help corporate finance managers make optimal decisions as to how to apply scarce financial resources. Accounting and economics both involve plenty of number-crunching. The relationship between mathematics and accounting is given in Accounting Tutoring Help Online. But accounting is a profession devoted to …

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