retailers selling edwards country ham

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Edwards Virginia Smokehouse | Authentic Smoked Meats Since … S. Wallace Edwards & Sons A classic briny country ham.Cooked Bone-In Wigwam Ham, 13 to 14 pounds, $120 You can choose from our main Virginia ham selections. Like what you see? If for ANY reason you feel your experience with our products are not up to your satisfaction, call us within 60 days of receipt and we will refund your money or replace your online / print catalog purchase. This dry cured and aged ham is sized perfectly for small family events. It's the flavor of dry cured, hickory smoked country ham, bacon and sausage that delivers a nostalgic sensation of southern family gatherings. Although a fire devastated our facility in January of 2016, we remain committed. It's also fully cooked and needs no further cooking. Our fourth generation family business is sharing its expertise to carry on the delivery of quality cured meats, until we can continue this Virginia tradition in The Old Dominion once again. National Country Ham Association | PO Box 948, Conover NC 28616 | 828.466.2760 | To us, a country ham is synonymous with family tradition. Country Hams are a traditional Virginia Ham cured with salt, and the Genuine Smithfield Ham is a country ham with a longer cure time that has a more robust taste. © Copyright 2020 Edwards Virginia Smokehouse. ©2020 The Made in Virginia Store | Site designed by. Simply use a sharp knife to carve paper-thin slices and serve at room temperature. Use this search page to find great Sugardale products near you! And don't let the smaller size fool you! Privacy Policy, "Order Early, Ship Early" - Please Read Our Holiday Shipping Alert. Free ground shipping to one address on orders $150 or more. Sweet Cure Hams are not cured with salt and have a milder, sweeter taste. Hand-rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and black pepper as well as aged 4 to 6 months, the hickory smoked Petite Country Ham provides great taste and is easy to serve. Virginia Country Ham is our specialty at Smithfield Marketplace. Averaging 2-3 lbs., this tasty ham serves approximately 20 diners. All Rights Reserved. Edwards Petite Cooked Country Ham $ 59.95 Sliced Virginia Ham $ 9.95 – $ 24.95 Sweet Potato Biscuits One Dozen $ 10.95 Cheddar Cheese Biscuits One Dozen $ 10.95 Edwards Hickory Smoked Sausage $ 15.95 Edwards Country Bacon $ 16.50 Edwards Country Ham – Uncooked $ 94.95 Boneless Ham … Virginia Ham. It's that easy.

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