robert k merton remembered

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Rebellion differs from the other four approaches in a number of ways. He was associate director of the university's Bureau of Applied Social Research from 1942 to 1971, and named Giddings Professor of Sociology in 1963. Merton defines culture as an "organized set of normative values governing behavior which is common to members of a designated society or group". He applied to Harvard, even though his teachers told him this was usually beyond the reach of those graduating from Temple. The explanation was not mere longevity, of course, but the fact that he was extraordinarily influential as a teacher. Of course he was hard to please, and of course he was demanding and sometimes downright cranky. Robert K. Merton emerged from the chrysalis of Merlin the teen-age magician practicing in South Philadelphia. His dedication made us more willing to aim just a bit higher, for we should be creating seriously. I mention this because unlike many women students elsewhere discouraged from writing on gender issues, Merton encouraged me and he later asked me to write a chapter on sex roles for his book on social problems. Merton applied to Harvard and went to work as a research assistant to Sorokin from 1931–1936.[11]. First, he was enormously gifted. Merton studierte ab 1927 an der Temple University bei George E. Simpson. It is an example of Merton's own analysis of "obliteration by incorporation" that his conceptualizations of "unanticipated consequences" and the "self fulfilling prophecy" are not credited to him today, as is his profound influence on the analysis and identification of institutionalized discrimination and structural constraints on those who do not have the means to achieve success. Merton developed into a major boss during the growth of American sociology. From whatever backgrounds, we have all shared richly in the social and cultural capital created by Robert K. Merton. Februar 2003 in New York, USA Eltern: Jüdische Einwanderer aus Osteuropa. His mother was Ida Rasovskaya, an "unsynagogued" socialist who had freethinking radical sympathies. Merton is also interested in the persistence of societies and defines functions that make for the adaptation of a given social system. I ignored him and went into my office. Everyone is aware of the intended consequences, but the unintended are more difficult to recognize, and therefore, sociological analysis is required to uncover what they may be. Under Simpson's leadership, Merton attended an American Sociological Association annual meeting where he met Pitrim A. Sorokin, the founding chair of the sociology department at Harvard University. His work displayed both imaginative flair and impeccable rigor, both generality and focus, both abstractness and clarity. The family lived above his father�s small dairy products shop in South Philadelphia until it burned down, without insurance, and his father became a carpenter�s assistant. Even though Merton grew up fairly poor, he believed that he had been afforded many opportunities. Years ago, George described to me, with great delight, the sparkle that Merton brought to his class by his questions and his comments. On this point he approaches conflict theory, although he does believe that institutions and values can be functional for society as a whole. Scholarship and ideas-a love of language-and their transmission to students, colleagues and the public were the forces that motivated Merton. Many more important books and articles appeared through the next several decades, enriching the literature in social theory, the sociology of science, social psychology, and a wide range of other topics. Merton enrolled in Parsons's theory course while at Harvard, admiring Parsons's work because it introduced him to European methods of theory, while also broadening his own idea and conclusions about sociology. The The main takeaway from Study 1 is that the idea of new generations of eminent scholars He was busy moving boxes. On 23 February 2003, aged 92, Merton died in Manhattan, survived by his wife, three children, nine grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. 13 And at 90, Merton the father would call on his son for His perceptive (and sometimes unsolicited) suggestions guided me along an academic path that I never could have predicted. We spent countless hours in his study reviewing research for his latest projects, editing proofs for publication, preparing correspondence, solving computer crises, or sometimes just talking about days gone by. [16]:836–7 Émile Durkheim and Georg Simmel also greatly contributed to Merton's understanding of sociology and to his own ideas. experience when they saw what he was demonstrating. Many of us will mourn him personally. Rather than solely focusing on the analysis of society as a whole, Merton argued that analysis could and should also be done on an organization, institution or group.

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