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You can message Lauren securely on Signal or Telegram at 201-897-2109 or email her at Excerpt from the report: In 2017, Lloyd received a gift of $125K from Epstein, which he used to take a sabbatical. Lloyd is even teaching a freshman advising course. On August 22, 2019, Lloyd published a letter apologizing for accepting grants (totaling $225,000) from Epstein. When MIT phoned Groff about the donation, she revealed that the true donor was Epstein. Lloyd has admitted to visiting Epstein while Epstein was in prison. A new development in the case is that a report commissioned by MIT and done by an independent law firm, Goodwin Procter LLP, was just released on Jan 10, 2020. Allegedly, Lloyd first met Epstein in 2004 at a John Douchebag Brockman “The Edge” dinner. Since early October, students have held protests, a forum, and met with administrators directly, asking why the university has allowed him to remain on campus. Today, Lloyd continues his active participation in “The Edge”, an Epstein money laundering operation, while, at the same time, he publicly professes deep, heartfelt remorse for taking money directly from Epstein. “People have held the Media Lab accountable. “[Reif] didn’t give satisfying responses to any of our demands, specifically around Seth Lloyd. Also, a picture widely available on the internet shows Lloyd at Epstein’s Lolita island during a scientific gathering there in 2007. On October 4, roughly 100 students gathered at MIT Corporation’s annual board meeting demanding Lloyd’s resignation. “You can kind of guess who doesn’t. A contingent of them, known as MIT Students Against War, a group which formed this February after Henry Kissinger was invited to speak at a campus event, are now demanding that MIT fire Lloyd, or that he resign. Seth Lloyd, an undergraduate mechanical engineering professor, opened a quantum computing class this semester with a “monologue” about his relationship with Epstein. In 2005 or 2006, Lloyd received a gift of $60K from Epstein. “Professor Lloyd has made many students deeply uncomfortable given his long-lasting and disturbing ties to Jeffrey Epstein,” a widely circulated statement from the group leading the protest, MIT Students Against War, reads. In August, he published an apology to Epstein’s victims on Medium. Nevertheless, the donation was allowed to go through by the MIT officers in charge. On October 31, students in Halloween costumes protested in the halls outside Lloyd’s office with signs that said “Seth Lloyd Must Go,” while several MIT police officers hovered nearby, according to students in attendance. This was a power play, pure and simple,” Graham wrote of Lloyd’s lecture. There hasn’t been any movement as far as we can tell and see,” Husayn Karimi, 22, a master’s student in computer science and a lead organizer with MIT Students Against War, told Motherboard. IBL News | New York. What I told MIT about Epstein’s donations. “I’ve spoken to MIT about Seth Lloyd and they’ve said they think my op-ed was brave, but they can’t tell me about the Seth Lloyd situation because it’s a personnel matter.”. “If MIT wants to not make any moves and expects this also to just go away, that’s not going to happen… MIT tells us to make the world a better place, but it’s one of the most immutable places in the world.”, Graham said she’s received similar responses from MIT administrators. REPORT CONCERNING JEFFREY EPSTEIN’S INTERACTIONS WITH THE MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, the evidence shows that Epstein planned the donations to test whether MIT would accept his money notwithstanding his criminal record. ( Log Out /  Jeffrey Epstein sex criminal visited MIT nine times between 2013 and 2017 and these visits and all post-conviction gifts were driven by either former Media Lab director Joi Ito or professor of mechanical engineering Seth Lloyd, and not by the MIT administration or the Office of Resource Development..

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