smoked kingfish brine

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3 handfulls of manuka and 1 of apple sawdust Hot smoked End result well 1/3rd of it yum yum yum 1 clove garlic minced. Cover bottom of non-reactive dish with layer of brine. 2 tablespoons sweet relish. Onion Powder Salt and pepper to taste, I use none 1/8 tsp. Use powdered spices. Reactions: fisherman93. Take out rinse well pat dry, season with whatever you like. 2 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley . Gotta love it. 2/3 cup mayonnaise. Personally I like to marinate mine with lots of spice, pepper Just used the bradley recipe although it did take a lot longer than in the book - eventually 10 hours of smoking before it looked right. We love this Smoked Kingfish dip. Dried on tea towel. 1/8 tsp. In about 30 minutes I will partake of smoked fish pie. BRINE MIX Add all ingredients together and mix well. I've just done my first wet brine and it came out great. We will cut it up into large chunks about the size of your hand so that they cook evenly and you smoke them skin down. Place trimmed fish in the brine mixture and leave in the fridge overnight. Pulled it from the brine tonight. DRY RUB Mix all together and blitz in a food processor, rub generously over fish before it goes in the smoker. Lightly coat the smoker racks with olive oil and get the brined King. Cover fillet with brine. Made up mixture of thyme, brown sugar, golden syrup and maple syrup. 1 tsp fresh lemon juice. With parties during the holidays, the best appetizer you can do is a smoked fish dip. 1 tablespoon Yellow Mustard. Borrowed my mates smoke box. Garlic Power 1/4 tsp. Place fillet on Brine. Worcestershire sauce. Smoke kingfish at 50 degrees C … Garlic, onion, black pepper, etc. Try a dry brine. Place in fridge for 6-8 hours. 2 tsp. Chopped celery. 2 pounds Smoked Kingfish. Mar 24, 2015 Place the chunks around the smoker to evenly cook and cover the chunks. Cream Cheese 2 ozs Mayonnaise 2 ozs Sour Cream 4 ozs Smoked Fish 1/4 tsp. the brine: 10 cups of water 1/2 cup kosher salt 1 cup brown sugar 2 2"sprigs of Rosemary fresh dill ... Do a search for smoked kingfish. Previously used the same method as I did with marlin with dry rubbing cure on. The air drying process sets the glaze which is called pellicle and is the key in any quality smoked meat. There are several excellent recipes for brine for king mackerel as well as recipes for smoked kingfish dip. Let brine 1 hour. While brining get the smoker and wood chunks ready. Add another layer of fish cover repeat as needed. 4:1 brown sugar to kosher salt. Stores well in the freezer in Foodsaver vacuum bags Smoked Fish Dip/ Spread 4 ozs. 2/3 cup cream cheese that is room temp. 2 tsp. When smoked properly the skin will peel right off. Minced onion.

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