sparrow with white eye stripe

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Brewer's Sparrow has gray-brown back; brown wings, crown; pale eye-ring; pale gray underparts; notched tail; pale bill with dark tip. White-throated Sparrows readily visit feeders or peck at fallen seeds beneath them. It has thick dark streaks on breast; gray face, eye-line, eye-ring,  Some have a dark breast spot. It has a narrow white supercilium; black central spot on gray breast. White-throated Sparrows often come to investigate if you make pishing sounds. Look for White-throated Sparrows on the ground in woods and at brushy edges. The Stripe-headed Sparrow has pale brown upperparts streaked with black on back; rufous shoulders; buffy-brown rump, tail; gray nape; black head; white median crown stripe, supercilium; white throat, breast; rufous flanks, belly. The Savannah Sparrow has many variations. The adult has a black head with broad white stripes on the crown and above each eye. Other variation has dark brown crown with tan median stripe; tan supercilium. The white-crowned sparrow lacks the yellow spot near each eye and the white throat of the white-throated sparrow, a close relative. All feature a messy central breast spot though it is less noticeable on the thick billed and slate-colored varieties. There are chestnut brown patches on side of the head below the eye. The wings are strikingly rusty. Males of both color types prefer females with white stripes, but both kinds of females prefer tan-striped males. The clear, “bouncing-ball” trill of the Field Sparrow is a familiar summer sound in brushy fields and roadsides of the East and Midwest. It has a prominent brown eye streak and a brown-striped crown, with a buffy breast, some white belly feathers, and a conical beak. They have a short bill and fairly long legs. The Sage Sparrow Sage Sparrow has a buffy-brown back with muted stripes; gray-brown head; white eye-ring; white throat; white moustacial stripe; white underparts; dark spot on breast. There’s the black eyestripe, the white crown and supercilium, the yellow lores, the white throat bordered by a black whisker, or malar stripe. Their face is grey with a black line through the eye. Although they look nothing alike and aren’t particularly closely related, the White-throated Sparrow and the Dark-eyed Junco occasionally mate and produce hybrids. Similar to: Nelson's Sparrow, Saltmarsh Sparrow, Seaside Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow has a white crown stripe; these other sparrows do not. In winter these birds often forage in large flocks and they sometimes make themselves easier to find by singing their easily recognizable, whistled song. They’re also a great entrée into the world of birdsong, with their pretty, wavering whistle of Oh-sweet-canada. The Bell's Sparrow Sage Sparrow has a buffy-brown back with muted stripes; gray-brown head; white eye-ring; white throat; white moustacial stripe; white underparts; dark spot on breast. The Botteri's Sparrow has streak brownish-gray upperparts; plain buff-gray underparts; pale supercilium. Brown-headed cowbird (female): larger, legs are gray-black (not pinkish like a House Sparrow), with fine streaks on breast.Photo on left by Dave Kinneer.Photo below by Zimmerman. With a bit more practice you can recognize their sharp chip note, often given by an alert bird in a conspicuous perch. The adult has two broad black stripes on the top of the head separated by a broad white crown stripe. The Cornell Lab will send you updates about birds, birding, and opportunities to help bird conservation. The oldest recorded White-throated Sparrow was at least 14 years, 11 months old, when it was recaptured and rereleased during banding operations in Alberta. The cheeks and crown sides are chestnut, with white eyebrow and crown stripes. The Cassin's Sparrow has a brown upperparts, head, wings; buff supercilium; light brownish-gray bill; dark brown eyes; pale gray chin, throat, breast; whitish belly; some dark streaks on the lower flanks. The Sao Francisco Sparrow has black head with white supercilium and narrow white median crown stripe; white underparts with narrow black half-collar; yellow bill. The head has a black and white striped crown, with yellow spots between the bill and the eyes. The Orange-billed Sparrow has an orange bill; yellow-brown nape; yellow shoulders; black head with white superciliium; white underparts; black breast band. First impressions of White-crowned Sparrows tend to be of a plain, pale-gray bird; next your eye is drawn to the very bold black-and-white stripes on the head and the pale pink or yellow bill. Back is rusty brown with black smudges. They are similar in appearance to the American Tree Sparrow. Adults have brownish upperparts with gray on the crown and nape, and a grayish buff colored breast with dark streaks; they have a dark face with grey cheeks, a white throat, and a short pointed tail. There is a large variaton in the subspecies. The Worthen's Sparrow has gray-brown upperparts with dark brown streaks; gray head with rufous crown; dark brown wings, tail; gray underparts; pink bill; American Tree Sparrow has rusty back with lighter streaks; brown wings with 2 white wing-bars; rusty cap; gray face; rufous eye-line; gray underparts; light brown flanks; often dark spot in middle of breast; bicolored bill. They all have a narrow whitish crown stripe and a white throat. The Rufous-winged Sparrow has a brown back with darker streaks; rusty wings, crown, supercilium; pale gray face, underparts; long brown tail; yellow conical bill. Lark Sparrow is distinctive. They all have a narrow whitish crown stripe and a white throat. The Saffrron-billed Sparrow has gray upperparts with yellow shoulder; white underparts with black breast band; gray flanks; black cap, mask; white supercilium starts above eye and approaches nape; orange-yellow bill. In breeding plumage, the Clay-colored Sparrow has a white stripe over its eye, dark cheek lined with a distinctive black moustache, and white throat-patch with dark bars dividing the patch into three segments. Most have a yellow stripe above and in front of the eye. See more info on cowbirds. Adults have brownish upperparts with gray on the crown and nape, a cream-coloured breast with light or indistinct streaking and a white throat and belly; they have an orange face with grey cheeks and a short pointed tail.

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