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Visit the UCI Change of Major Criteria website for a listing of specific change of major guidelines for our majors. Change of Major. For a listing of change of major requirements for all majors at UCI, please visit here. Change of Major Info Session April 19, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Nursing Science Student Affairs holds two Change of Major Information Sessions each quarter on the Friday of weeks 3 and 7. Close. The Division is devoted to enriching the learning environment for lower-division students, especially those in the freshman year. NEW FRESHMAN STUDENTS may not be able to change their major this summer after July 1st. Archived. » Transferring Non-UCI Credit » Notary; Request a Change » Major » Address » Legal Name on UCI Records » Preferred Names » Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation » Inaccurate Grade in a Course; Residency » Residence Classification » Online Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) » … Students may submit a change of major application AFTER they have completed all pre-requisites. The student may submit a new application once they have completed the pre-requisites. In preparation for choosing a major, students need to familiarize themselves as much as possible with UCI and its academic programs. Visit http://ps.uci.edu/~stuaff/ac.html for Counseling office info. (Cumulative, School and Major GPAs are 2.0 or above). (See exceptions below. For more information on the departments within the School of Social Ecology, consult the following websites: The School of Social Ecology is currently accepting Second Baccalaureate applicants for Criminology, Law and Society, Psychological Science, Social Ecology, and Urban Studies. Note: we do not make exceptions to policy. Request Web Login, Department of Criminology, Law and Society, Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy. Degree requirements include Major AND School requirements. Students who enter the University as freshmen or sophomores, who are uncertain about their major, and who wish to explore their options, experiment, and then decide, may participate in the Division of Undergraduate Education - Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Office administered by the Division of Undergraduate Education. Once the criteria has been met, simply apply for a major change online through Student Access. I was planning on changing my major to something like computer science. Degree requirements must be completed in six quarters of attendance, excluding summers. School of Social Ecology Courses that satisfy major change requirements must be completed at the time the application is submitted. There are specific criteria governing this process which your Academic Counselor can explain to you when you attend summer orientation. Grades must be posted for any pre-requisite courses before a change of major application will be reviewed. Posted by 6 months ago. © 2020 UC Regents, Website Questions However, some majors follow change of major criteria that is more restrictive than the standard criterion. Attended UCI for at least 1 quarter and received your bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. NEW FRESHMAN STUDENTS may not be able to change their major this summer after July 1st. If you do, then your major can be changed. Students who have already received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and are interested in pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in another area of study may be considered for admission as Second Baccalaureate candidates. Irvine, CA 92697-7050 Graduation Application Change* Late Graduation Application* Letter/Certification Request* Petition for more than 20 units; Request for Prerequisite Clearance; International Experience Internship Petition; Reciprocity Students - Request for Prerequisite Clearance CURRENT STUDENTS must meet the change of major criteria as outlined at http://www.changeofmajor.uci.edu/. I went from Global Studies to Film Production back to Global Studies and finally settled with Economics. Please Note: Completion of the change of major requirements does not guarantee acceptance into any major within the School of Social Ecology. Undergraduate Petition - Course Substitutions. For questions about the second baccalaureate application process, please email a.garibay@uci.edu. To find a list of other majors open for Second Baccalaureate applicants, please visit: http://admissions.uci.edu/applicants/second_baccalaureate.html, UC Irvine Most majors have a unit cap. I changed 2 different times at a cc so it was a little easier to do. If grades are not posted, the change of major application will be denied. Film production stemmed from a mere interest but I realized it isn’t the industry for me (but I got a shiny AA out of it :)) What really made me rethink Global Studies overall was because it didn’t feel right.

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