what does herbalife protein drink mix do

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¥Protein Drink Mix is a filling, protein-rich alternative to sodas, high-calorie drinks and other unhealthy snacks. Prepare it as a tasty, kilojoule controlled high protein snack. Herbalife meal replacement shakes are made with highly processed ingredients, such as protein isolates, sugars, gums, fibers, synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, and emulsifiers . Add one scoop (14 g) of Protein Drink Mix … Protein Drink Mix Herbalife Unique Solution Mix two tablespoons (28 g) of powder with 250 ml of cold water and enjoy. Herbalife Protein Drink Mix also satisfies your hunger and boost your energy. It contains zero fat and … Boost your protein intake with Protein Drink Mix Select, a naturally wholesome shake with a delicious vanilla flavor. Or add it to your favourite Formula 1 Shake for an indulgent, rich, creamy drink. Specially formulated with a plant-based blend of pea, quinoa and rice proteins and crafted to meet your evolving nutritional needs, Protein Drink Mix … A single intake or serving of Herbalife Protein Drink Mix contains about 15g of soy proteins and 5g carbs.

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