what is the point of bodybuilding competitions

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But they grow 2 times the speed of a normal person. But since taking up bodybuilding seriously, it has given me a proper sense of self discipline and character. So what would be so different from someone wanting to win a bodybuilding contest? As you noticed so far, there are way more positives than negatives, and that's what makes bodybuilding so great. They train hard as everyone else and diet as hard as everyone else. Bodybuilders are the only athletes on the planet training for looks and that's what sets us apart from every other person on earth. First you look GREAT .. and that’s the kind of physique I’m after .. toned and not over muscular – fit! Everyone is allowed to dream. He starts to become a bully and gets himself into fights and creates problems. At such meets there are bound to be some people that are secretly selling steroids or something of that nature. Believe it or not bodybuilders love what they do, if not, they would choose a different lifestyle. Wear what is comfortable and makes you feel good. In fact, I’d never even been near a bodybuilding competition of any type until the other weekend when I was staying in Venice Beach, one of my favorite places ever because of the incredible variety of activities there. The Disadvantages of Bodybuilding. I agree with some of the points you’re making but I also want to point out that there is a healthy way to contest prep. So you've spent years, even decades building your body. TOPIC: Why Would Somebody Want To Compete In A Bodybuilding Contest? So what if my shoulders are the shoulders of an athlete, not sculpted into some bodybuilder’s dream physique. Bodybuilding is no exception to this rule. The thing is, I’m not sure that learning how to plan out your meals in tupperware containers, avoiding all social events and depriving yourself of all delicious foods is really something to strive for. Ways A Bodybuilding Contest Can Help You: They fear being rejected or made fun of, so they hide away their confidence. So here’s why I’ll never compete in a bodybuilding or bikini competition: Sure, we all like feeling good about how we look, but ultimately I hope that you’re working out because of the other ways it makes you feel—strong, powerful, and like you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. Nothing is more demotivating than spending months training hard, doing hours of daily cardio, and following a strict diet plan only to see it all fall apart in the immediate hours before your contest. I’m curious of your opinion on something: a lot of bodybuilders do the whole bulking/cutting method. Thanks for posting! The week before the competition I had that same feeling I use to have a week before my birthday or Christmas. All rights reserved. As whole I see it for what it is, entertainment. It takes dedication and nerves of steel to reach there. The bodybuilding subculture has shifted into a global competitive sphere, created a universal culture of its own out of the physical gym space, led to conventions around the world, and forged its own rulebook on a way of life. Even when you overcome and actually get ready for the contest, competition day will also be challenging. As mentioned above, bodybuilders are not in it for the money, even so why would we put ourselves through the uncomfortable feeling to water draining just for a small trophy that not worth a dime on ebay. I plan on going somewhere with bodybuilding, and making a mark in the bodybuilding community. Let's face it, bodybuilding is one of the hardest sports. You will have fun showing your body off, and at the end you will win. Being attracted to physique, be it male or female, doesn't necessarily imply sexual attraction. Talk about unique. I feel very alone with my ideas against competing. Knowing that you can successfully mold your highly resistant body into an aesthetically appealing form lets you approach other obstacles and tasks with a positive can-do attitude. Just like every other sport, there is extreme joy and downright pain. However, after the first round and getting a feel of the crowd and judges, I finally settled down. Especially during the cutting stage before a competition where a cheat meal is simply out of the question, only the truly disciplined will be able to go through it. At the end you won't see the negatives as negatives but more like a simple task. They might not seem so obvious from a bystander's point of view, but ask an amateur or pro and they will tell you the same, 'there are some negative benefits in competing.'. you have to check this book, at least for your own library, don’t be mislead by the title, it’s an incredible book, check the summary if you want here, If a competition is to be held on a Saturday, peak consumption begins on the Friday 8 days prior, with gradual decreases on Thursday and Friday of competition week. So if you are not disciplined enough to stay away from this, you might just turn into a druggie. Me, being 5' 6" was in the 170-190 lbs. Even when that passes, stage fright and nervousness might set in. The dude was about 35 years old, 5'9 at around 235 lbs. Thanks! Millions of people each day try to take control of their lives and fail. When I initially started to do bodybuilding, my friends and parents would constantly nag me. You're not just a slacker waiting the days to go by until they die. Just stepping on stage and seeing thousands (ok maybe less than that sometimes) of people looking at you. Why would someone want to compete in a bodybuilding competition? I just told myself to be a man and don't back out now after all that dieting and sacrifices. I had to request they play the music again after I regain my sense of reality (after 5 seconds). 2nd Place - Kill_yourself (Tie for second). One of the days I was there I got up to work out as usual and right next to the outdoor workout area a bunch of male and female bodybuilders were getting ready to compete in various bodybuilding/bikini/physique competitions. There is no feeling on earth to describe how you feel after a contest. This year I'm certainly going to bring home the first place trophy. Bodybuilding.com℠ and BodySpace® are trademarks of Bodybuilding.com. And as you say, the life style of a body builder is anything but healthy, especially for the long term. This can all go back to normal after the competition. Thanks for this article! Things like 'oh, I don't want to do weights I don't want to get big' will frustrate, but ultimately it doesn't matter. Ronnie Coleman throughout the 1990s was the new name in bodybuilding world with a huge following. It also gave me the confidence that I could do anything I put my mind on. He was shredded to the bone with an incredible symmetry and vascularity. I’m not discounting anyone’s hard work, it’s undoubtedly INCREDIBLY hard to compete in a bodybuilding competition. My first thought was to run, or to be embarrassed, or to pretend I wasn’t about to work out and just hide—but I decided to do my thing anyway. Winning the trophy is just the topping of the cake, like getting your last rep in on a hard arm workout. He he sounds like an effect of a drug, but it's not, it's one of the positive benefits of competing in bodybuilding. Best of luck. Contrary to popular belief, just because you have a six pack (or an eight pack) doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Your stomach is full with overgrown butterflies and you are trying to stay in control. This post continues the competition series, which tries to provide the newbie bodybuilder with the basics of competition. There are many different categories in which one may qualify. So without the proper discipline, you will definitely not be able to achieve this. It’s all about balance, I also compete in Spartan Races so these muscles aren’t just for show, not to mention the huge amount of dangerous drugs men and women bb’ers have to take. Sure genetics are important but without work, you cannot achieve anything. Im a personal trainer who preaches balance, and never would I put my clients through what I put myself through. You bet I do. It can help you get that chick that you have been eyeing, Your views can finally be heard and taken seriously.

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